Superstorm Sandy hit so many of us on October 29th.  Many people lost power, heat and dealt with the lack of gas or altered mass transit schedule for weeks.  For James and Samantha Lennon, Customer Service Representatives at East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp., Sandy hit closer to home.
 James and Samantha, who are twins, have many family members in Breezy Point, NY.  They have seen 18 members of their family lose almost all of their personal belongings and experience severe damage to all their homes.  James, a volunteer firefighter with the Dix Hills Fire Department,  along side his sister Samantha are truly appreciative of the efforts of the Roxbury Fire Department and their battle with Sandy.  During this super storm, the fire department went out to rescue many people and put their own lives at risk.

They have started a fundraiser where the money will go towards helping the Roxbury Fire Department, who lost an ambulance and crucial supplies while trying to save others in the affected areas, such as Breezy Point, during and following Hurricane Sandy.

Samantha (Sam) sent out this heartfelt letter to our staff, encouraging their support for their efforts:

Working with East Coast for a little over a year now, there have been a few key things I have noticed about the company; Firstly, our staff is built of kind and caring individuals who show compassion for patients, their families, doctors, and coworkers alike. Secondly, the strong sense of community is unparalleled to any other place I’ve worked and the overwhelming feeling of being a member of this clinical team is comparable to being apart of a family. I can say with pride that I feel like a member of the East Coast family. Family is a very important thing in every person’s life. Family is there for you when you need them most; when disaster strikes.

I come to you, my work family, with horrible news of my home family. Disaster did strike. Hurricane Sandy left a wake of devastation all across the tri-state area. I’ve heard horror stories around the office of people losing power for days, fallen trees, ruined cars, and displaced family members. Though James and I were lucky and suffered no physical damage, we cannot say the same for our families. If you have been following the news, you have probably heard of the devastation in places like Breezy Point and the Rockaways 18 members of my immediate family lived in the aforementioned areas, all of which still displaced from their homes that were filled with upwards of 14 feet of water ruining all of their appliances, house structure, walls, floors, basements, and personal belongings.

My brother and I have been going to their homes and emptying out piles and piles of the people we love’s belongings. It is heartbreaking. While we are there, we stop in at the firehouse to share meals with the other members of the community facing similar life-changing situations. Hanging around the firehouse, we learned that the ambulance used to transport members of the community to get the aid they need was totaled due to salt water flooding. Having grown up visiting my family in this beach community and spending almost every summer there, this his us especially close to home. James has been researching charities all over the internet to see which to support. However, none of them seem to be aiding the Roxbury Fire Department. I am very proud to say that my brother took it upon himself to start his own fundraising website and plans to personally donate all of the funds collected to the Fire Department to help replace that lost ambulance that is a life line for so much of my family.

Asking for money is always an uncomfortable and difficult thing to do. Therefore, I understand if you do not feel you can give as I’m sure with the storm there are a lot of things going on in everybody’s life. But if you so choose, any small amount would help. You can find the donation site here.

Again, thank you all so much for your encouraging thoughts and any donations you find it in your heart to send. It really means a lot.

From my family to yours,

Sam Lennon

Below are some pictures from James Lennon and Andrea Molfetto.


To donate to the Roxbury Fire Department Relief Effort, please click here.