On Saturday, August 11, Jim Lau (Resident Orthotist) and Sophia McKenzie (Customer Service Representative – Deer Park) volunteered their time and energy to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation during the U.S. Championship New York Ironman event.  The event took place, despite the early forecast which called for rain.  Both Jim and Sophia stepped up to the challenge!

Volunteers spent the day preparing and distributing water and fresh fruit to athletes as they passed the aid station.  The weather was extremely humid in New York City.   Volunteers played an especially important role in keeping the runners in good spirits by cheering them on, keeping them hydrated, and occasionally dumping ice water over their overheated bodies.  Sophia recalls the day as “extremely hot and hard work, but a lot of fun!”

East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp. takes pride in our employees who make helping others a part of their everyday lives. A special thank you to Jim Lau and Sophia McKenzie for their dedication to service!