Recently, it was erroneously reported in the O & P Edge that East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp. had been acquired by another company.  This information has since been retracted by the publication and the correct company has been updated in that article by the O & P Edge.  The acquired company, East Coast Orthotics, Inc. is not affiliated or associated with our company in any way.

East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp. was founded in 1997 by Lawrence J. and Vincent A. Benenati.  Today it is the largest privately-owned orthotic and prosthetic company in New York State and employs 135 professionals.  As owners of the company, we fully intend to keep the company privately-owned.

We regret any confusion that the O & P Edge article may have caused to any of our patients, vendors, clients and to our employees.

Thank you,

Lawrence J. Benenati



Vincent A. Benenati, CO

Chief Executive Officer