WGRZ in Buffalo has a story on Shannon Smith and her road to recovery.  Shannon has been working closely with our Corporate Clinical Director, Chris Berger on her road to recovery.

Read the full story from WGRZ:

BUFFALO, NY – Shannon Smith is young, energetic, and full of ambition.  She loves to laugh, hang out with friends, and be independent.  At age 28, the Buffalo native was living in Las Vegas, starting a career and fulfilling her dreams.  She had her young son Oliver at home and another baby on the way.

Shannon says, “I was perfectly healthy.  No health conditions, six-months pregnant, and going to work as a pharmacy technician.  And then December 5th happened.”

That was the day Shannon woke up not feeling well, and knew something was wrong with her and her unborn baby.  Within hours, she was in the operating room.

“The baby’s heart rate was really low.  So they made us have the decision to have a C-section.”

Shannon’s one pound baby boy did not survive. 

And Shannon developed a deadly medical condition that kills thousands of people every year.  

She had sepsis, a bacterial infection made her body totally toxic.  And Shannon had one of the worst cases her doctors had ever seen.

“I started to hemorrhage; bleed out of my nose, eyes, ears, everything.  And I flat lined.”

Shannon spent weeks on life support.  Her liver and kidneys failed.  She was given only a five percent chance of surviving.  Through tears of pain and fear, she turned to prayer – and asked friends and family to do the same.

In order to survive, Shannon had to have both arms and legs amputated.  She found strength in knowing she had a little boy at home who needed her.

Today, Shannon is using prosthetic legs and is waiting for new arms.  She does physical and occupational therapy every day at ECMC.  She says she is a survivor – and is going to live her life to its fullest.  And she’s doing that – while inspiring everyone she meets along the way.

If you’d like to contribute to Shannon’s medical fund, the website is:


Source:  WGRZ