East Coast Orthotic & Prosthetic Corp. was featured in a story on News12’s website:

(01/19/04) MINEOLA – One Nassau County company is using cutting-edge technology to help people recover from devastating injuries. Workers at East Coast Orthotic and Prosthetic Corporation in Mineola are giving amputees new hope of living a normal life.

The employees there make about 15 prosthetic limbs a week. Using computer graphics, technicians generate images from residual limbs to help them make custom-fit artificial limbs. That scan is used to create a foam molding. The mold is then used to shape the actual prosthetic limb. Plastic is heated to 380 degrees and placed around the mold.

A finished artificial limb costs about $8,000 and weighs nearly four pounds. That is almost 20 pounds less than prosthetic limbs weighed two decades ago. Technicians say less weight makes them more comfortable, so the patients get back into the swing of a normal life.

Source: News12